Olympiad Exams and its Benefits for Students

By Ttushar On April 4, 2020

Olympiad exams are competitive exams conducted by respective schools across the country. The syllabus for this exam is based on existing school syllabus. The exams cater to all boards namely State board, ICSE board and other international boards. The aim of conducting such exam is to provide a platform to students where they can compete with one another at national levels. It makes them ready to answer variety of questions from school curriculum.

Students who attempt Olympiad exams at a young age find it easy to participate in other competitive exams. It provides them an edge over the others and leverages their skill sets. It has immense benefits for students. It assists in overall development at a tender age and prepares them for future.

Benefits of Olympiad exams for school students             

  1. Identifies child’s capability – Olympiad exams recognize child’s true potential. It is similar to an aptitude test conducted by academicians once the child reaches a certain age. However, when a child is exposed to such exams since childhood, the inner ability to perform can be identified beforehand.
  • Provides a huge platform – Being a national level competition, these exams allow students from different schools to compete with each other. It brings together talent from various parts of the country. This acts as a great motivation not only for students but also for schools to make a good name for themselves.
  • Increases confidence in students – Not all students are ready for competition at a young age. Students get to interact with one another and understand what it takes to be at the top. They open up when they interact with students from other schools. It boosts their morale and confidence too.
  • Improves class performance – Students who practice for Olympiad exams are exposed to content from different boards. This provides additional knowledge on the same topic. Students learn variety of topics, which helps them to score well in school exams. Thus, it improves academic performance. 
  • Provides additional knowledge – Olympiad exams provides additional information on subjects and topics taught in school. This way it increases learning capacity of students. It improves their general knowledge on various things that may not be covered in classrooms. It increases their horizon on different subjects.
  • Enhances thinking capacity – These exams make students think out-of-the-box. Questions asked are trickier than school exams. Students have to brainstorm to find out the correct answer. Although the exam consists of multiple choice questions, it focuses on enhancing thinking capacity of students.
  • Improves reasoning ability – Logical reasoning is an integral part of Olympiad exams. This section cultivates analytical thinking in students. It enhances problem solving skills, reasoning ability and develops the brain at a young age. This helps them in any examination taken by students in their future.

There are several organizations that conduct Olympiad examinations in India. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the leading organizations that consist of a team of professionals who develop content and design exams. Many schools have collaborated with the organization, through which students are given a platform to participate in these exams. It provides study material in the form of books and question paper sets for students to practice. The content is developed by experts in particular subjects.

Students can choose the subject in which they would like to appear for Olympiads. It is available in Science, English, Mathematics, Art, General Knowledge, Reasoning, Essay and Social Studies. Students can opt to attempt all subjects or any subject of their choice. The exam pattern includes multiple choice questions with options to choose from. Thorough practice of variety of questions enables students to score well in their academics. Teachers along with parents must encourage students to participate in these exams. Overall, Olympiad exams bring out the best in students. It uplifts their confidence, increases knowledge and enhances thinking capacity. It benefits students as they enter higher classes. Students who attempt Olympiad exams regularly stand a better chance of qualifying competitive exams with good grades. It makes it easy for them to solve tricky questions as they are already exposed to a variety of those questions since a young age. Therefore, enroll your child for these exams today and improve their knowledge.

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